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Cornell's Premier Undergraduate Global Consulting Organization 


The Cornell Global Business Club (CGBC) takes undergraduate Cornellians from diverse backgrounds with no prior business experience and gives them experience to become future business leaders. After undergoing an intensive 9-week educational program, our members get to work with a variety of global organizations, consulting them in areas such as finance, marketing, labor organization, and sustainability.  Our organization instills a global perspective and foundational business principles within all of our members, preparing them to tackle real world business problems, network with professionals in the industry, and excel at Cornell. 


To our clients, the Cornell Global Business Club offers consulting services for a wide range of business problems. Our members undergo an intensive 9-week training curriculum across finance, consulting, and marketing principles. Under the instruction of leadership-selected project managers, our members can help drive your business forward. 

Click "Learn More" to see the past projects our members have worked on and the value CGBC can provide to your organization or business.


CGBC is the only business club on campus catered towards Cornellians with no prior business experience or knowledge. Through our 9-week long new member education series, our members are well prepared to work with our international clients to solve real life international business problems ranging from finance and consulting to marketing and data science. 

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