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Past Projects

The Cornell Global Business Club graduates members with a wide array of business skills, ranging from data and financial analytics to marketing & strategy consulting. We have provided pro-bono consulting to local start-ups and international companies, and can provide value to your firm too.

Spring 2023

freight farm.png
Frieght Farms

Project Manager: Declan Little

Synopsis: Freight Farms is a Boston-based AgTech company that manufactures vertical hydroponic farming systems out of freight containers. CGBC worked with Freight Farms to analyze pro-forma financials and develop a go-to-market plan for a Freight Farms installation in Stamford, CT.

Fall 2022


Project Managers: Giorgi Berndt, Jason Mushabe

Synopsis: RealBlocks is a FinTech company that provides investor portal solutions to its hedge fund clients. Our goal was to research the landscape of the Blockchain and Alternative Investments industries, and to present a PPT recommending an implementation roadmap to RealBlocks executives.

The Yield Lab Asia Pacific

Project Managers: Brenna Tosh, Corrina You

Synopsis: The Yield Lab Asia Pacific (TYLAP) is a regional impact fund founded by Larry Taylor (Cornell '73) that invests in Asian Ag-Tech companies. There were 2 main goals for the project. 1) Work with Mr. Taylor to develop search criterion for an ideal partner 2) Use this criterion to filter online databases and deliver a spreadsheet of actionable leads to TYLAP team.

Spring 2022

Atlas Metrics

Project Manager: Anja O'Brien

Location: London, UK

Synopsis: Researching ESG frameworks and the impact of modern slavery in the global economy

House of Analytics

Project Manager: Michael Ahedor

Location: Jakarta, Indonesia

Synopsis: Building an algorithmic decision tree that can be used to evaluate stocks

Ba-Li Cravings

Project Manager: Tim Holloway

Location: Ithaca, NY

Synopsis: Assisting the owner, Tal, in her outbound marketing efforts

Fall 2021

Finger Lakes ReUse

Project Manager: David Vilensky

Synopsis: Reviewing and assessing labor operations to improve productivity and efficiency

Vega Coffee

Project Manager: Andres Madrigal

Synopsis: Developing an expansion strategy to college campuses


Spring 2021

House of Analytics
CS4 Consultants

Project Manager: Jake Lawson

Location: Jakarta, Indonesia

Synopsis: Market research on the pawn shop industry

Project Manager: Stacy Chen

Location: London, UK

Synopsis: CPG analysis and pricing, operations planning

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