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Past Projects

The Cornell Global Business Club graduates members with a wide array of business skills, ranging from data and financial analytics to marketing & strategy consulting. We have provided pro-bono consulting to local start-ups and international companies, and can provide value to your firm too.

Fall 2023

Initiative for a Competitive Inner City (ICIC)

Project Manager: Dil Patel

Synopsis: Initiative for a Competitive Inner City (ICIC) is a non-profit research and advisory organization led by renowned economist and business professor Michael Porter. Our mission was to support ICIC in the expansion of its 'Succession Ready' initiative, a series of free educational workshops designed to assist small business owners in developing effective succession plans. Our task involved conducting market research, analyzing data from small businesses in Rhode Island, identifying key success factors for scaling, facilitating connections between ICIC and similar organizations, and developing assessment tests for succession frameworks.

Spring 2023

freight farm.png
Freight Farms

Project Manager: Declan Little

Synopsis: Freight Farms is a Boston-based AgTech company that manufactures vertical hydroponic farming systems out of freight containers. CGBC worked with Freight Farms to analyze pro-forma financials and develop a go-to-market plan for a Freight Farms installation in Stamford, CT.

Fall 2022


Project Managers: Giorgi Berndt, Jason Mushabe

Synopsis: RealBlocks is a FinTech company that provides investor portal solutions to its hedge fund clients. Our goal was to research the landscape of the Blockchain and Alternative Investments industries, and to present a PPT recommending an implementation roadmap to RealBlocks executives.

The Yield Lab Asia Pacific

Project Managers: Brenna Tosh, Corrina You

Synopsis: The Yield Lab Asia Pacific (TYLAP) is a regional impact fund founded by Larry Taylor (Cornell '73) that invests in Asian Ag-Tech companies. There were 2 main goals for the project. 1) Work with Mr. Taylor to develop search criterion for an ideal partner 2) Use this criterion to filter online databases and deliver a spreadsheet of actionable leads to TYLAP team.

Spring 2022

Atlas Metrics

Project Manager: Anja O'Brien

Location: London, UK

Synopsis: Researching ESG frameworks and the impact of modern slavery in the global economy

House of Analytics

Project Manager: Michael Ahedor

Location: Jakarta, Indonesia

Synopsis: Building an algorithmic decision tree that can be used to evaluate stocks

Ba-Li Cravings

Project Manager: Tim Holloway

Location: Ithaca, NY

Synopsis: Assisting the owner, Tal, in her outbound marketing efforts

Fall 2021

Finger Lakes ReUse

Project Manager: David Vilensky

Synopsis: Reviewing and assessing labor operations to improve productivity and efficiency

Vega Coffee

Project Manager: Andres Madrigal

Synopsis: Developing an expansion strategy to college campuses


Spring 2021

House of Analytics
CS4 Consultants

Project Manager: Jake Lawson

Location: Jakarta, Indonesia

Synopsis: Market research on the pawn shop industry

Project Manager: Stacy Chen

Location: London, UK

Synopsis: CPG analysis and pricing, operations planning

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