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Spring 2024 Recruitment Dates

Application Deadline: Monday Feb 12th, 11:59 pm | Application Link

Fill out our Interest Form for Recruitment Events Update Here: Interest Form

ClubFest: Sunday Feb. 4th | Barton Hall

Info Session #1: Tuesday Feb 6th, 5 pm | Zoom

Info Session #2: Wednesday Feb 7th, 7 pm | Zoom

First Round Interview (Invite-only): Thursday Feb 15th

Second Round Interview (Invite-only): Friday Feb 16th

Coffee Chats

Sign up for a 30-minute coffee chats with a current CGBC member to learn more about the club and the recruitment process!

Sample Resume
Press the button to download a sample resume. Please email us with any questions regarding resumes or using this template.

What is a resume? Why do I need one? How do I make one?

A resume is simply a document that lists your background and accomplishments, and we use this to learn more about your experiences and passions. A sample resume can be found above.

What is CGBC?

The Cornell Global Business Club (CGBC) is an introductory business club where members have the chance to learn about business fundamentals under a global perspective. Our new member education program emphasizes all industries in business and following its completion, members will have the chance to work on real life consulting projects with our international clients.

Why should I join an introductory business club?

CGBC accepts all majors and isn’t exclusive by school year as its main purpose is to educate members on the fundamentals of business before they dive into our global consulting projects. We heavily emphasize our new member education program, which focuses on international economies and current events, such that members have the opportunity to learn about global business, various industries, and consulting/finance technicals.

What is the time commitment?

For Analysts, the time commitment is approximately 2 hours a week as you will be required to attend new member education sessions and G-body meetings as well as work independently on group projects. Our curriculum was designed to be manageable for individual study and work schedules.


I have no business experience, how will I be considered?

We don’t expect everyone to have a professional skill set right away and that is perfectly fine as we will cover these topics during the new member education process. Instead, we want to learn about why you are interested in global business and why CGBC specifically; we’re looking for students who are committed and open to learning about unique business perspectives. The application process will allow us to learn more about your background as well as how you think

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